SNAMAS 2009 @ AISB Convention

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Accepted Papers

Cristiano Castelfranchi, Rino Falcone and Francesca Marzo. Trust and Relational Capital

Davide Donetto and Federico Cecconi. The emergence of shared representations in complex networks

Joshua Lospinoso, Ian McCulloh and Kathleen Carley. Utility Seeking in Complex Social Systems: An Applied Longitudinal Network Study on Command and Control

Patrice Caire and Leon van der Torre. The Design of Convivial Multiagent Systems

Isabel Praca, Maria Joao Viamonte, Hugo Morais, Zita Vale and Carlos Ramos. Multi-Agent Systems and Virtual Producers in Electronic Marketplaces

Moez Draief, Jeremy Pitt and Daniel Ramirez-Cano. Micro-Social Systems: Interleaving Agents, Norms and Social Networks

Francesca Giardini. Social evaluations and networks: a proposal for integration

Jorge Pena, Andres Perez-Uribe, Andres Upequi, Yann Thoma, Eduardo Sanchez, Henri Volken and Olivier Jorand. Complexity and culture : a basic conceptual framework for PERPLEXUS as a social laboratory

Tim Grant. Modelling Network-Enabled C2 using Multiple Agents and Social Networks

Ugo Pagallo and Giancarlo Ruffo. The Paradox of Elegance, A Very Short Introduction to the Topology of Complex Social Systems and the "Small World"-Paradigm in the Realm of Law

Leon van der Torre and Serena Villata. Four Ways to Change Coalitions: Agents, Dependencies, Norms and Internal Dynamics