SNAMAS 2009 @ AISB Convention

  • Call for Papers

Call for Papers

One of the most interesting research topics in the field of multiagent systems is the definition of models with the aim of representing social structures such as organizations and coalitions, to control the emergent behavior of open systems. Organizations and coalitions are composed by individuals that are related to each other by different possible kinds of relations such as dependencies on goals, conflicts on resources, similar beliefs and so on. One important issue is how to represent these relations. Moreover, like the human organizations, these social structures are characterized also by an high degree of dynamism.

In dealing with societal issues, the multiagent systems field took inspiration mostly from organizational theory in economics and legal theory, while less attention is devoted to the research area describing the relations among the individuals inside human organizations and their dynamics: social network analysis. Social network analysis has emerged as a key technique in modern sociology, anthropology, social psychology, communication studies, information science, organizational studies, economics as well as a popular topic of study.

Despite the common object of study, multiagent systems and social network analysis use concepts like agents, dependencies, etc. which often have only superficial similarities. The aim of this symposium is to underline the differences and the similarity points between these social network analysis and multiagent systems in the representation of the social structures and their dynamics, and to promote the interchange of knowledge and methodologies among the two fields.